Author Interview: Laura E. Weymouth

I got the opportunity to interview author Laura Weymouth about her querying and writing experience. Some info about Laura:

Laura Weymouth is a Canadian living in exile in America, and the sixth consecutive generation of her family to immigrate from one country to another. Born and raised in the Niagara region of Ontario, she now lives at the edge of the woods in western New York, along with her husband, two wild-hearted daughters, a spoiled cat, an old soul of a dog, and an indeterminate number of chickens.

Laura’s debut novel, The Light Between Worlds, was published to critical acclaim in 2018, and her sophomore novel, A Treason of Thorns, will publish on September 10th, 2019.

Hi Laura! I read that you queried another book before you queried THE LIGHT BETWEEN WORLDS. Can you tell me what querying that first project was like?

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Are You Ready to Query?

Are you ready to query?

Querying your novel can be daunting and exciting all at once. Perhaps you’re dying to get started; perhaps you’re hesitant to finally hit “send.”

Remember, DO NOT RUSH INTO QUERYING. This isn’t a race, and publishing is SO SLOW. When you start sending queries, it’s likely you won’t hear back from agents for at least six weeks–or maybe not at all.

Take your time. It’s so much better to go slow and know that your book is at its best than to query a project before it’s ready or, even worse, before it’s even finished.

If you’ve edited, primped and prepped, check out these questions, and who knows? You may be ready to dive into querying.

ARE YOU READY TO QUERY? Check out these questions first.

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Author Interview: Betsey Grace Groover

Betsey Grace Groover is a writer of bold contemporary women’s fiction who loves life, travel, new places and new faces, and is rep’d by Jessica Watterson of Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency.


Hi Betsey! In ten words (and unlimited emojis) can you tell us about the book that got you your agent?

BGC: In the air, Flight Club is for lovers not fighters.



How did you celebrate when you got THE CALL?

BGC: You’d think I did something really festive and fun, but honestly I just sort of gloated to myself all day. Enjoyed the milestone. And of course shared the joy with my writer friends (aka llama squad). I’m a little superstitious when it comes to celebrating too soon–like, I want to have the book deal before I go all out. 😉

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Pitch Contests: The 5 Elements of a Successful Book Pitch

Pitching your book is no easy task–you’re turning your thousands and thousands of words into a few characters. How can you possibly fit all that makes your book your book into a tweet? How can you grab an agent/editor/publisher’s attention?

Read on to see my five elements of a Twitter pitch, as well as some of the things I’ve learned from my own pitching experience.

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Query Pros #4: Sabrina Kleckner

Tell us your name and any fun facts about yourself or your writing!

Sabrina: My name is Sabrina and I’ve been writing for ten years! My first book took eight of those years but I’ve fiiiinally moved on to other projects (that I’m super excited about!).

How many projects did you query in the past?

S: I queried one book previously and am currently querying my second.

What were some of your rookie mistakes when you first started to query?

S: I always query too early! Seriously, it’s a problem. I started querying my first book way too soon, and I did the same with the one I’m currently querying. Luckily I only sent about five out both times, so I don’t think it did too much damage. But if you’re not totally happy with your story yet, DON’T QUERY IT.

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Query Pros #1: My Story

Hi, I’m Catherine, a writer querying her YA fantasy novel, now working as a freelance editor to help other writers through the process of querying. I’ve also started a query support group, because I know from experience that querying a novel is NOT an easy process, and even harder to go through alone.

I wanted to talk a little bit about my past experience querying a novel, and what I learned from that. I call this my Query Pros series. I will be featuring some other people from my Query Support Group who also have stories from their old querying days, and of course, I’d love to hear more about your own journeys in querying!

If you want to answer these questions below on your own blog, please do, and tweet at me at @catbakewell so I can retweet and share!

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