Author Interview: Emma Theriault

Ever since I saw the pitch for Emma’s debut, REBEL ROSE — an exploration of what happens to Belle and the Beast in the context of the French Revolution — I’ve been bursting with excitement!

Emma was kind enough to chat with me about her debut, her experience with querying and having a novel on submission, as well as writing a book for Disney!

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How to Revise Like a Mentor: Part One

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

As some of you may know, I was recently a mentor in Author Mentor Match, a program where agented authors can pass along their knowledge to other writers. My friend, Katie Wilson, came up with a great idea: she wanted me and some of my mentor friends to share our wisdom when it comes to revising like a mentor.

I reached out to a few of my mentor friends, and the response was overwhelming. They were so helpful and so giving of their time–so much so that I’m splitting this into a two-part series! 4 mentors will be sharing their thoughts this week, and 5 mentors (including myself) will answer these questions next week.

Again, a huge shout-out to Katie for coming up with these ideas and these questions. Your perspective is so valuable. And oh, check out Katie’s AuthorTube channel over here!

Now, on with the interview! This week, we’ll be hearing words of wisdom from authors who’ve been mentors and mentees through programs like Pitch Wars and Author Mentor Match: Mary Averling, J.Elle, Brittany Kelley, and Jessica Lewis.

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Dealing with Writing Anxiety

Hi everyone!

In case you haven’t noticed, being anxious seems to be a “bonus” of being a writer.

We are very good at worrying. I think this is because in the world of writing and publishing, we writers have very little control.

What we can control are our thoughts. And so we spend a lot of time playing in these what if worlds inside our heads. Worrying and imagining all the ways things can go wrong. Because at least we can control them inside our head. It’s something to do. 

The unique anxiety that comes with being a writer isn’t something that goes away when you’ve gotten an agent or a book deal or a movie deal or ANY of those milestones we hope for. It’s not a switch that gets turned off once we accomplish X, Y, or Z.

Below, I’m sharing EIGHT tips for how I’ve dealt with my writing anxiety, in the hopes that they can be helpful for you, too!

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All About Your Author Brand

In the age of influencers, the word “brand” gets thrown around a lot. And it’s an important word of course — heck, even when I’m making graphics for my blog or retweeting something, I think about my brand image. We’re shaping the way people see us online. It’s kind of weird, kind of artificial. And now the word “brand” is seeping into writing life, into “being an author” life. 


If you’re a new writer or a querying author, this one’s for you. I wanna do a quick little dive into what author branding is and to what degree you need to worry about it.

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Choosing Your Comp Titles

Hi there! 

I took a couple weeks off of blogging (breaks are great and you should absolutely try them) but I’m back with a mini post for you!

This week I’m talking all about comp titles. I’ve always known them as comparative titles, but there’s been some talk lately that “comp” may stand for “competitive” titles. Heedless of the mysterious origins of the name, we’re gonna just call them “comp titles.” 


When pitching your book on Twitter or querying your book, comp titles are books that you compare your own manuscript to. Not in quality, don’t worry — you don’t have to go claiming you are as good a writer as Naomi Novik or Holly Black. You’re just saying that if an agent enjoyed Book ABC and Book XYZ, they would probably like YOUR book!

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Agent Interview: Megan Manzano

Hi, everyone! Today I’m sharing an interview with Megan Manzano, an agent representing Kidlit over at D4EO Literary Agency.

Hi, Megan! Thanks so much for your time.

When you see a pitch on Twitter, what grabs you to the point of requesting more? 

Megan Manzano: Stakes are so important for a Twitter pitch especially when you have a limited number of words to pitch your book. I want to see the hook, aka what your character has to lose and/or fight for, that makes me unable to get it out of my head. 

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Author Interview: Meredith Tate

Hi everyone!

I’m really excited to share today’s interview with you. The author of THE LAST CONFESSION OF AUTUMN CASTERLY, Meredith Tate, sat down with me over email and shared some awesome insights about her writing journey. Her reflections on the highs, lows, and rejections that she’s faced along the way are a good, honest look at some of the things you may face in your own author journey.

Read on to learn a thing or two about Meredith’s story and the art of perseverance!

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Author Interview: Elora Cook

Happy Tuesday!

Today, I’m sharing an interview with a friend of mine from the query trenches. Elora Cook is a picture of endurance and strength, and her story has inspired me so much. One of the best parts of having a writer friend is seeing them get a big success–and that recently happened for Elora! She’s now represented by agent Sabrina Taitz of WME!

Read on to learn about how Elora persevered and what she learned on the journey to finding her agent!

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