Choosing Your Comp Titles

Hi there! 

I took a couple weeks off of blogging (breaks are great and you should absolutely try them) but I’m back with a mini post for you!

This week I’m talking all about comp titles. I’ve always known them as comparative titles, but there’s been some talk lately that “comp” may stand for “competitive” titles. Heedless of the mysterious origins of the name, we’re gonna just call them “comp titles.” 


When pitching your book on Twitter or querying your book, comp titles are books that you compare your own manuscript to. Not in quality, don’t worry — you don’t have to go claiming you are as good a writer as Naomi Novik or Holly Black. You’re just saying that if an agent enjoyed Book ABC and Book XYZ, they would probably like YOUR book!

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Author Interview: Meredith Tate

Hi everyone!

I’m really excited to share today’s interview with you. The author of THE LAST CONFESSION OF AUTUMN CASTERLY, Meredith Tate, sat down with me over email and shared some awesome insights about her writing journey. Her reflections on the highs, lows, and rejections that she’s faced along the way are a good, honest look at some of the things you may face in your own author journey.

Read on to learn a thing or two about Meredith’s story and the art of perseverance!

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Author Interview: Elora Cook

Happy Tuesday!

Today, I’m sharing an interview with a friend of mine from the query trenches. Elora Cook is a picture of endurance and strength, and her story has inspired me so much. One of the best parts of having a writer friend is seeing them get a big success–and that recently happened for Elora! She’s now represented by agent Sabrina Taitz of WME!

Read on to learn about how Elora persevered and what she learned on the journey to finding her agent!

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Author Interview: Tashie Bhuiyan

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

I got to interview Tashie Bhuiyan, AMM R6 alum and author of 2021 YA debut COUNTING DOWN WITH YOU! Tashie is bright, fun, and inspiring. I know you’ll enjoy reading her talk about her life as a student AND an author, her favorite rom coms, and the journey that led to her getting her agent.

Hi Tashie! Can you tell me about the book that got you your agent? 

TB: Of course! So the book that got me my agent is Counting Down With You (which you can add on Goodreads now!!! and it’s a YA contemporary coming-of-age novel with a side of romance! It has fake dating, a forced tutoring situation, a ridiculous group chat, and the most supportive grandma. It discusses themes of independence, family and first love as my main character struggles between doing what she wants to do and what her parents want her to do. 

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Author Interview: Ashley Schumacher

Hi everyone!

Today I’ve interviewed my friend and upcoming debut author, Ashley Schumacher! Her YA Contemporary, AMELIA UNABRIDGED, will be published by Wednesday Books in winter 2021, and I cannot WAIT!

Read on to see Ashley’s thoughts on querying, little moments of magic in life, and what it would be like if dogs were at Hogwarts.

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