Agent Interview: Megan Manzano

Hi, everyone! Today I’m sharing an interview with Megan Manzano, an agent representing Kidlit over at D4EO Literary Agency.

Hi, Megan! Thanks so much for your time.

When you see a pitch on Twitter, what grabs you to the point of requesting more? 

Megan Manzano: Stakes are so important for a Twitter pitch especially when you have a limited number of words to pitch your book. I want to see the hook, aka what your character has to lose and/or fight for, that makes me unable to get it out of my head. 

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Pitch Contests: The 5 Elements of a Successful Book Pitch

Pitching your book is no easy task–you’re turning your thousands and thousands of words into a few characters. How can you possibly fit all that makes your book your book into a tweet? How can you grab an agent/editor/publisher’s attention?

Read on to see my five elements of a Twitter pitch, as well as some of the things I’ve learned from my own pitching experience.

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