How to Revise Like a Mentor: Part One

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

As some of you may know, I was recently a mentor in Author Mentor Match, a program where agented authors can pass along their knowledge to other writers. My friend, Katie Wilson, came up with a great idea: she wanted me and some of my mentor friends to share our wisdom when it comes to revising like a mentor.

I reached out to a few of my mentor friends, and the response was overwhelming. They were so helpful and so giving of their time–so much so that I’m splitting this into a two-part series! 4 mentors will be sharing their thoughts this week, and 5 mentors (including myself) will answer these questions next week.

Again, a huge shout-out to Katie for coming up with these ideas and these questions. Your perspective is so valuable. And oh, check out Katie’s AuthorTube channel over here!

Now, on with the interview! This week, we’ll be hearing words of wisdom from authors who’ve been mentors and mentees through programs like Pitch Wars and Author Mentor Match: Mary Averling, J.Elle, Brittany Kelley, and Jessica Lewis.

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AMM Feedback Roundup

Hi everyone!

This post is coming to you on Friday so that I could have a bit of time to round up some of the common mistakes I saw in my Author Mentor Match submissions inbox. These are just my observations, and they may not apply to your book/query/synopsis. Or maybe it does! Nothing to fear–just some notes that may help you edit.

When I read through submissions, I read every query and then decided if I was a good fit or not for the project. After that, I’d read the synopsis. If the plot sounded solid, I would read some pages. If the pages held up, I requested a full. My time was very limited, so I was very picky.

AND I did find a mentee!!! A wonderful one!! Definitely go say hi to Abigail Welborn over on Twitter. Her dancing magic book is marvelous and yummy and deals with such interesting themes. I can’t wait to dig deeper into the book!

And now, without further ado, my AMM Feedback Roundup…

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