Author Interview: Emma Theriault

Ever since I saw the pitch for Emma’s debut, REBEL ROSE — an exploration of what happens to Belle and the Beast in the context of the French Revolution — I’ve been bursting with excitement!

Emma was kind enough to chat with me about her debut, her experience with querying and having a novel on submission, as well as writing a book for Disney!

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Author Interview: Meredith Tate

Hi everyone!

I’m really excited to share today’s interview with you. The author of THE LAST CONFESSION OF AUTUMN CASTERLY, Meredith Tate, sat down with me over email and shared some awesome insights about her writing journey. Her reflections on the highs, lows, and rejections that she’s faced along the way are a good, honest look at some of the things you may face in your own author journey.

Read on to learn a thing or two about Meredith’s story and the art of perseverance!

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Author Interview: Elora Cook

Happy Tuesday!

Today, I’m sharing an interview with a friend of mine from the query trenches. Elora Cook is a picture of endurance and strength, and her story has inspired me so much. One of the best parts of having a writer friend is seeing them get a big success–and that recently happened for Elora! She’s now represented by agent Sabrina Taitz of WME!

Read on to learn about how Elora persevered and what she learned on the journey to finding her agent!

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Author Interview: Sonora Reyes

Happy Holidays, everyone! This week, I’m interviewing Sonora Reyes, the creator of #QPOCChat, who is also an author represented by Alexandra Levick of Writers House. Read on to see what inspired Sonora to write their novel, how they coped with rejection along the way, and some tips for self-care while you’re in the query trenches yourself.

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Author Interview: Alyssa Zaczek

Hi everyone! This week, I interviewed my friend and 2020 MG debut author,Alyssa Zaczek! She is represented by Jessica Mileo of Inkwell Management, and Alyssa’s debut novel, MARTIN MCLEAN, MIDDLE SCHOOL QUEEN is out January 7, 2020 from Sterling Children’s!

I’m so excited to grab a copy of her book. Let’s go behind the scenes with her about her querying journey for this novel and about who her dream book blurb would be from!

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