Author Interview: Sonora Reyes

Happy Holidays, everyone! This week, I’m interviewing Sonora Reyes, the creator of #QPOCChat, who is also an author represented by Alexandra Levick of Writers House. Read on to see what inspired Sonora to write their novel, how they coped with rejection along the way, and some tips for self-care while you’re in the query trenches yourself.

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My Revision Process

 Hi everyone!

This week, I’m talking about the process behind how I revise. A disclaimer, of course: everyone’s revision process is different, and I don’t believe there’s any one right or wrong way to revise. Do what’s best for your creative method! And maybe as you read about mine, you’ll get an idea or feel excited for when it’s time for you decide to dive into revisions.

Without further ado, here is my revision process…

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Author Interview: Alyssa Zaczek

Hi everyone! This week, I interviewed my friend and 2020 MG debut author,Alyssa Zaczek! She is represented by Jessica Mileo of Inkwell Management, and Alyssa’s debut novel, MARTIN MCLEAN, MIDDLE SCHOOL QUEEN is out January 7, 2020 from Sterling Children’s!

I’m so excited to grab a copy of her book. Let’s go behind the scenes with her about her querying journey for this novel and about who her dream book blurb would be from!

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Author Interview: Jonny Garza Villa

Hi everyone! Today you’ll hear from Jonny Garza Villa, an amazing author who just signed with Claire Draper at the Bent Agency! Jonny’s Twitter pitch made me GASP and insta-follow. Read on to learn about what drew him to write his book and learn more about the books and movies that have shaped Jonny as a writer!

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Birthday Reflections

Next week I’ll return to my regularly scheduled author interviews (I’m very excited for next week’s!!)…

BUT today is my birthday!

I’m a big “words of affirmation” girl, so I’m not shy about how much I love my birthday!

This post is mostly a chance for me to reflect on this past year and for me to read in the future 🙂

I turn 24 today.

I wish that I could have turned 24 in a different city, or in a place of my own, but I’m also extremely thankful for where I am today. I’m grateful for my support network, both online and in my house. I’m so grateful to live in a home with supportive parents and two VERY affectionate dogs. (This year, Cosette joined the family, and I’ll definitely post a picture of her here at some point!)

This year, I wrote two books, one about music magic (MG), and one about two girls conquering Shadow monsters and their own doubts (YA).

I signed with an agent, which was my dream since I was about 14 (but I’m very grateful that I signed with her when I did. Devin–you are incredible, strong, kind, smart, funny, and I am extremely lucky to know you).

I didn’t travel much this year, but hope to in 2020 (France, I’ll see you soon!!). I read lots of books this year. I supported my writing friends. I formed a Llama Squad and grew super close with them. I got to work on my personal website, and did freelance work of a lot of different flavors.

I made new friends (hi Esme!) and I overcame my fear of driving. I played Dungeons and Dragons for the first time. I sang in a choir, which inspired me to write my music book, and grew me closer to my mom!

This upcoming year, I hope to…


–Improve my Italian

–Cook more

–Go to a concert or an opera

–Move out!

–Have great book news

–Read a lot

–Write a new book or even two!


Thanks for reading. I hope the end of the year is sweet for you, full of good food and even fuller of great news!





Author Interview: Tashie Bhuiyan

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

I got to interview Tashie Bhuiyan, AMM R6 alum and author of 2021 YA debut COUNTING DOWN WITH YOU! Tashie is bright, fun, and inspiring. I know you’ll enjoy reading her talk about her life as a student AND an author, her favorite rom coms, and the journey that led to her getting her agent.

Hi Tashie! Can you tell me about the book that got you your agent? 

TB: Of course! So the book that got me my agent is Counting Down With You (which you can add on Goodreads now!!! and it’s a YA contemporary coming-of-age novel with a side of romance! It has fake dating, a forced tutoring situation, a ridiculous group chat, and the most supportive grandma. It discusses themes of independence, family and first love as my main character struggles between doing what she wants to do and what her parents want her to do. 

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Hacking Your Brain: How to Embrace the Mess of Your Creative Process

By Catherine Bakewell and Trisha Kelly 


Hacking Your Creative Rhythm — Thoughts by Catherine Bakewell

I’ve become an advocate for what I call “hacking your brain.” 


Instead of shaming yourself for only being a productive writer at night, or not being able to work in a loud room, or needing to take a break to watch TV; instead of calling those things bad and worrying about what your creative process should look like, I think like this: 


Embrace your creative rhythm and use it to your advantage. 

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