Birthday Reflections

Next week I’ll return to my regularly scheduled author interviews (I’m very excited for next week’s!!)…

BUT today is my birthday!

I’m a big “words of affirmation” girl, so I’m not shy about how much I love my birthday!

This post is mostly a chance for me to reflect on this past year and for me to read in the future 🙂

I turn 24 today.

I wish that I could have turned 24 in a different city, or in a place of my own, but I’m also extremely thankful for where I am today. I’m grateful for my support network, both online and in my house. I’m so grateful to live in a home with supportive parents and two VERY affectionate dogs. (This year, Cosette joined the family, and I’ll definitely post a picture of her here at some point!)

This year, I wrote two books, one about music magic (MG), and one about two girls conquering Shadow monsters and their own doubts (YA).

I signed with an agent, which was my dream since I was about 14 (but I’m very grateful that I signed with her when I did. Devin–you are incredible, strong, kind, smart, funny, and I am extremely lucky to know you).

I didn’t travel much this year, but hope to in 2020 (France, I’ll see you soon!!). I read lots of books this year. I supported my writing friends. I formed a Llama Squad and grew super close with them. I got to work on my personal website, and did freelance work of a lot of different flavors.

I made new friends (hi Esme!) and I overcame my fear of driving. I played Dungeons and Dragons for the first time. I sang in a choir, which inspired me to write my music book, and grew me closer to my mom!

This upcoming year, I hope to…


–Improve my Italian

–Cook more

–Go to a concert or an opera

–Move out!

–Have great book news

–Read a lot

–Write a new book or even two!


Thanks for reading. I hope the end of the year is sweet for you, full of good food and even fuller of great news!