Featured Guests: Belle and Mr. Bingley

My dogs get a lot of attention. In my life, on my Twitter

I figured I’d give them some more attention.

Belle Moray Bakewell

20190825_153145 (1) Age: 13 years young

Occupation: Professional nap artist

Favorite treat: Greenies toothbrushes

Favorite toy: a collection of Lambchop toys, with their stuffing removed, known as “Baby”

Bio: We met Belle in Campbellsville, Kentucky, at the local Fourth of July parade. My brother and I jokingly asked Mom if we could get one of the puppies that were playing in the nearby churchyard. Mom actually went along with it. We got the small, feisty puppy carrying the stick bigger than her whole body, and named her after the princess, the Southern Belle, and the Liberty bell.

Mr. Bingley Bakewell

Screenshot_20190827-093230 (1) Age: Two years old, forever a puppy

Occupation: Former Purina food taster (seriously!), currently a professional nature-watcher

Favorite treat: Rotisserie chicken

Favorite toy: whatever Belle has decided to play with

Bio: After retiring from being a food taster, Mr. Bingley (formerly Uno), was looking for a new home. Fortunately, my mom was looking for a new friend. She saw him on Petfinder and snatched him up. Debating what to name this amazing dog, she thought he deserved a sophisticated, literary name, like Mr. Darcy. But no, he’s not a Darcy. He is, as Ms. Austen described, “good looking and gentlemanlike; [Mr. Bingley] had a pleasant countenance, and easy, unaffected manners.”