An Interview with Your Characters

Sometimes we can only grasp onto a few characteristics of the protagonist we’re creating. Sometimes we can TELL they’re hiding a secret from us. Sometimes, you want to find a way to add some more depth to them.

Below, I’ve created 32 questions for you to “ask” your characters to get to know them better. Just copy the questions into a document and ask away!

Something to think about: How does your character answer these questions in their heads? Or to their best friend? Or to a complete stranger? Keeping in mind what kind of information they are reluctant to divulge will be important to note as you write their story down, especially if they are a Point of View character.

I hope these questions are helpful for you! Have at it!


  1. Where are you from? 
  2. What do you like about your home? 
  3. What do you dislike about your home? 
  4. Where do you go for refuge? 
  5. What is it refuge from? 
  6. What do you do to relax? 
  7. What motivates you? 
  8. What’s your life’s dream? 
  9. What would you do to make your dreams come true? 
  10. What would it look like if you didn’t get that dream? 
  11. What stands in your way of happiness right now? 
  12. If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be? 
  13. What do you look for in a life partner?
  14. Is there anyone you can trust?
  15. Tell me about your family. 
  16. Who do you dread talking to and why? 
  17. What is your nervous habit? 
  18. What’s your biggest strength?
  19. What’s your biggest weakness? 
  20. Is there anything you would change about yourself? 
  21. Where do you see yourself in five years? 
  22. What would you say is your superpower–what talent or ability do you have that makes you unique?
  23. What’s your biggest fear? Anything from spiders to death of a loved one works!
  24. If you got everything you wanted, what would that look like for you? How would you feel? 
  25. What is an object/smell/food/sight that makes you think of home?
  26. What’s your least favorite childhood memory?
  27. What’s your favorite childhood memory? 
  28. Describe a place or situation that would be your DISCOMFORT zone? 
  29. Do you trust people easily? Why or why not?
  30. Do people trust you, overall? 
  31. What’s your life motto/philosophy, summed up in a sentence? 
  32. Lastly, are you happy with the person you are today? If not, in what ways would you like to change?

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